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Teckwiz Centric Business Continuity Consulting Services offers a holistic approach to evaluating your hybrid cloud risk awareness and determining your organization’s resilience level. Its framework is a seven-layer model that helps your business and IT leaders examine resiliency operations at both the physical and virtual layers to identify risks and vulnerabilities.

Your employees, customers and business partners expect that the information, products and services they need will be available when they’re needed. We recommend solutions to help manage the risks and measures to enhance or establish your resiliency program.

We are a full solutions Strategy-led Media, Creative & Tech company, that employs senior strategic minds that not only think but do.

We collaborate with the very best specialists and trusted experts to provide unique and innovative global business communications solutions, driven by data, distribution and disruptive ideas, executed exceptionally and at speed.

Employee Accountability

A major part of the Chaos stems from not having the required people in the organization or worse having people who lack ownership.

The majority of Business Owners hesitate to hire people and even those that they hire are not up to mark and lack the ability which discourages any meaningful delegation. As a result, if there is anything that needs to happen or any decision that needs to be made everyone will look only in one direction - Business Owner.

Growth Stagnation

Stagnating Business due to lack of consistent new clients addition, and made worse with diminishing share of wallet or worse attrition of the existing clients are the biggest growth challenges faced by the majority of the Business Owners.

On the other side, those doing well struggle to scale, mainly because the Business set-up is not replicable. Any new investment in the business is avoided as there is no real confidence in replicating the results. In such a situation it becomes difficult to assess the valuation of the Business.

Business Growth

At Teckwiz Centric we provide hands-on bespoke Business Growth Consulting solutions to SMEs & startups. We help business organizations to become well-oiled machinery that reflects confidence and professionalism essential to reach their Goals and vision.

We strategically help Benchmark, Business for operational and Strategic gaps, Create robust business management Structure & Methods and Develop functional Strategies and plans.

Overseas Education Services

Education is the cornerstone of one’s personality. Pursuing education abroad in a diverse, academic international environment opens new vistas in learning and knowledge acquisition.
We, with our years of experience in helping students realize their ambition of admission to overseas universities, have created enriching experiences for students. There are many countries in the world, which have opened the doors for Indian students, appreciating the fact Indians are among the best minds in the globe, creating innovations and discoveries in several fields.

Work or internships abroad may sometimes be combined with study abroad (before, during, or after), helping you to gain experience in a very different environment from that of the classroom. The easiest way to combine study abroad with work experience is to choose a study abroad program that includes an internship or service-learning experience.

Things to Consider about Working while Studying Abroad

Working abroad may provide a more immersive experience and can aid in achieving language fluency. There may be additional fees (tuition) for study abroad internship programs or work placement programs. Do not expect to finance your studies with part-time work. At best, it can provide extra spending money. Carefully investigate whether and under what circumstances work is allowed by a specific country for foreign students who are studying abroad. Check with both study abroad program administrators, and with the country’s embassy, as one or both may forbid work by foreign students. Students may also need a work permit in addition to a student visa. Most embassies have information about working as a student or temporary work permits on their websites.Working while studying at an overseas university can be difficult; students may have trouble balancing work and academics in a foreign environment.