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At Teckwiz Centric you will have confidence that both the practical and strategic implementation are being addressed.

HR Administration & Global Payroll

Our payroll outsourcing solutions are designed to provide a robust, scalable and flexible delivery engine that use global skill pools and economies of scale, allowing you to focus on your core business. It also guides you on allowable expenses from country to country, and enables you to customize and administer benefits by location.

Ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time is a significant part of the business priority for every organization. TeckWiz also provides Payroll support to reduces the burden associated with employee payments and at the same time makes the management of employee payroll transparent offering complete control of the payroll run. With our industry leading low-code BPM platform, the TeckWiz Digital Process Automation Suite, our customers no longer have to choose between adapting their business to fit off-the-shelf SaaS applications and engaging in expensive bespoke development or one-off customization.

Payslip Distribution

At TeckWiz, we offer a complete electronic and printed payslip distribution service. Using innovative technology we can guarantee that confidential and sensitive information is shared safely and securely. Our team is adept at working at pace to ensure that we meet deadlines in a timely manner – our customers feel safe in the knowledge that we have rigorous approval processes in place to provide a smooth and seamless experience.

On call Support

With TeckWiz you will benefit from Improved productivity minimizing the risk of service disruption in a cost-effective way, Prompt attention and action to solve issues so schedules and expectations are met and Single point of contact.Our approach is centered on operationalizing digital capabilities that redefine the end-to-end customer experience with enhanced self-service, transparency, analytics and streamlined technologies.

Ongoing administration of benefits

Benefits administration is the task within a company of designing and managing employee benefits.Implementing employee benefits is a key element in boosting employment satisfaction and engagement with your business.With benefits packages becoming increasingly necessary to stay competitive, benefits administration software is critical for effective, ongoing management of these offerings.

We believe that excellence in payroll service delivery can only be achieved when a partner truly understands the client’s business, their challenges, and their operating environment. As a committed payroll outsourcing company, we aim to deliver payroll process excellence by:

  • Significantly improving employee satisfaction while ensuring business continuity
  • Ensuring scalability ease with easy employee onboarding on the existing system and delivery model
  • Meeting 100% statutory regulatory compliance requirements
  • Offering service flexibility and scalability – the alliance network adapts to the needs of both you and your customer’s
  • Supporting payroll processing services based on top-of-the-line functionality and best practices developed
  • Providing access to best practices and benchmarks for greater process efficiencies
  • Providing a compliant solution with continuously updated patches for regulatory changes
  • Offering access to core payroll competence
  • Utilizing our experience and capability in supporting payroll processes across regions with in-house and partner network for payroll systems
  • Facilitating continuous improvement with the help of a quality framework in both “cost reduction” and “process improvement measurements”