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Implement BPM to actively manage your business processes with the help of BPM Professionals

Finance & Accounting Services

We manage contracts, purchase orders, invoice and receipt reconciliations in a highly efficient manner. We successfully manage the growing importance and complexity of their jobs, the solution is automation and digitalization.

TeckWiz finance and accounting outsourcing services (FAO) streamline and automate your organization’s CFO back-office operations, allowing CFOs to respond with greater agility to changes in the business environment. Datamatics finance and accounting outsourcing solutions make operations such as accounts payables and receivables management, account consolidation and reporting, tax processing, and contracts management more compliant and efficient.

Why choose TeckWiz for Finance and Accounting Services?

Point solutions

A purposefully built library of in-house products combined with a curated bouquet of best-in-class partner solutions, aimed at augmenting your current technology to offer a holistic digital transformation armory. Leverage our industry-leading practices in SAP.

Robotic automation

TeckWiz BPM has successfully served multiple clients, helping them realize sizable benefits. We offer consulting, implementation, and support services through the RPA implementation lifecycle. We have deployment experience across all leading robotic platforms. 

Artificial intelligence (AI)

At TeckWiz BPM, we leverage AI to solve real-world problems for the CFO.We have helped our clients improve end-to-end business metrics. Leverage our next-gen TeckWiz AI platform or our expertise across most leading AI platforms to develop and implement these solutions.

We help leaders safeguard financial health by transforming principle accounting processes to optimize business performance and give them the power to manage the future with real-time insights.

  • Teckwiz Centric cuts down on tedious data entry with its built-in automation. Save time and effort, manage your workflows, and reduce the need for manual intervention.
  • Interact efficiently with your employees regardless of location, give users unique role-based access, and work together more effectively. Share important report data securely with CFOs, auditors, and other important stakeholders.