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Teckwiz Centric build high quality products considering even the smallest requirement of the client.

Product Engineering Services and R&D

With our Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), TeckWiz showcases its deep engineering roots and competence through its ability to accelerate digital product development with Cloud-enabled intelligent and autonomous capabilities for clients across engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and services. With experience and best practices ERS has helped clients to bring more than 1,000 products to market successfully. It is highly regarded as a thought leader in digital engineering technologies.

We have a strong innovation culture, resulting in IP and strategic innovations while leveraging alliances, start-ups, and key academic research for co-creation with clients. Our engineering labs are dedicated to developing robust Cloud-enabled solutions that help clients quickly influence the overall product ecosystem.

  • Technology Consulting
  • Product Engineering & Development
  • Product Development
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Product testing

Technology Consulting

We identify and determine the best technology for your products or business. We can help you define the technology road map for your product and its architecture.

Product Engineering & Development

We help you improve your product performance, infuse your products with next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and analytics. We can also help you build SaaS products.

Product Development

We help you develop a proof of concept or minimum viable product and undertake rapid prototyping.

Product Life Cycle Management

We help you with DevOps, QA & testing, support and professional services for your products across the complete lifecycle.

Product testing

In-depth testing including, Functional (Manual/Automated), Integration, Performance, Mobile App, Compatibility, Security, and Graphic User Interface (GUI) Testing prior to launching the product in the market.

Why choose us

  • To secure a first-mover advantage in new and emerging markets, organizations need to bring the right products to market at the right time with innovation and agility. TeckWiz’s Consulting practice provides advisory services to revolutionize design and manufacturing of new products and transform product innovation with new age technologies. We help clients solve tomorrow’s product challenges today through our engineering and R&D transformation services.

  • By utilizing our deep expertise in integrating multiple next-gen technologies and the breadth of our experience, we shorten time to market at lower cost and minimize investment risk for our clients. We partner with global enterprises to accelerate product and platform development by leveraging the Cloud and latest digital technologies to monetize product services and create world-class customer experiences.