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Our Contract analysis can add value to your business's bottom line because contracts are the foundation of all business cooperation.

Contract Renewals

Our Contract automation services support business processes with user-friendly contract management tools to maximize contract renewals and get more value out of contracts.

TeckWiz’s contract renewals stage allows counterparties the opportunity to address potential issues with the previous contract and renegotiate more favorable terms. Most contracts include renewal provisions, but it's essential to prepare ahead of time by checking for standard clauses and terms that may have been updated since the original contract execution. Organizations can automate contract renewals to stop inundating their legal teams with document review and - instead - afford them time to focus on providing valuable counsel and risk assessment.


Contract Creation

Contract creation is very important for businesses of all sizes. Organizations have contracts dispersed among various business entities. TeckWiz’s Contract creation and drafting software can be a powerful tool to assist in the lifecycle of contract management.

Contract Administration

The role of the Contract Administration is to ensure the full and effective execution of building contracts between the employer and the contractor. TeckWiz specialists add value in the Contract Administrator role thanks to our professional experience and our proactive approach.

Contract Negotiation

As part of our general contract negotiation process, Corcentric will provide ongoing contract monitoring and contract management services to ensure you and your suppliers stay compliant. Our contract negotiation services include a thorough review of the proposed contract. 

Teckwiz Centric’s Contract analysis can add value to your business's bottom line because contracts are the foundation of all business cooperation.

  • At Teckwiz Centric contract renewal process is made easier, the rates of contracts will increase and so will the profitability of the company. Since vital processes such as invoicing will be accurate, the company will not lose money, and this means that you get to seal all the loopholes for losing money.
  • We provide reduced debtor days are important to any business and it means you get your money after a short time. With improved control and visibility, the executive will be in charge of the operations in the company. Contract management software will also increase productivity and efficiency which means smoother operations in the company and faster renewal processes.