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We use Big Data business strategy to allow sales leaders to operate with more factual sales forecasting data.

Big Data/Business Intelligence Analytics

Our BI tools can help your organization in identifying relevant trends as well as the explanation to various past scenarios. We extract the full potential out of analytical efforts and make improved decisions based on facts.

With our big data analytics services, you can ultimately fuel better and faster decision-making, modeling and predicting of future outcomes and enhanced business intelligence. By using statistics and software to analyze raw information, and deliver insights for making better future decisions we implement Big Intelligence and data management solutions to collect historical and present data.

Our BI tools can help your organization in identifying relevant trends

  • Research & Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Big Data & Data Lakes
  • Business Intelligence & Data Visualization
  • Advance analytics & Data Sciences

Research & Analytics

The Research & Analytics (R&A) solutions at TeckWiz is a smart blend of domain knowledge in Market Research and Analytics in conjunction with the core Technology forte of TeckWiz. We also provide support for Speech to Text Analytics, Mystery Audits, Data Collection, Preparation and Integration.

Enterprise Data Management

TeckWiz’s Enterprise Data Management practice offers end-to-end data management solutions as well as point solutions to enable businesses to disembark on their data to intelligence journey. The company’s enterprise data management stack ranges from consulting assignments for institutionalizing data governance to data architecture & design, data ingestion, data preparation, cloud data storage, to data consumption.

Big Data & Data Lakes

TeckWiz’s big data & data lake solutions is aimed at enabling enterprises gain access to real-time business insights. TeckWiz also helps businesses stay competitive by making their processes and systems responsive and aligned to evolving market conditions.

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Our BI tool allows you to create your own interactive dashboards from any device even when you are not connected to the internet. We Use interoperable data visualization solution to create on-demand and customized dashboards.

Advance analytics & Data Sciences

TeckWiz Advanced Analytics solutions & Data Sciences services works in tandem with its business partners enabling them in their connected data journey and generating actionable insights. With its 5D model – Design, Develop, Deploy, Discover, and Deliver – TeckWiz enables its partners to mitigate risk and optimize their enterprise data resources.

Our AI Key Offerings

Why choose us

  • We are a focused, independent company, we're building on our foundation of excellence by creating systems in new ways. Bringing in the right partners, investing in our business, and working side-by-side with our customers to unlock potential.

  • TeckWiz is an open integration platform that delivers Big data solutions by leveraging TeckWiz’s core strengths, data-driven insights and expertise, to create an uninterrupted path between a digital business and the technology that delivers it.