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Teckwiz Centric’s technical translators work with the support of professional translation software.

Documentation Services

Documentation can help an organization maintain standards, train employees, and become more efficient, each of which is essential for company growth.

Our team can work with your organization to understand your issues, challenges, and needs. If you are unsure how to start, just contact Teckwiz. We will help capture, document, and deliver your high-value content. When you engage us to develop your process, policy, and procedure documentation, we will provide content solutions that reduce employee error and solve your content development and management dilemmas.

Administration and management

Teckwiz Centric assists you in the ongoing administration and management of your technical documentation by storing and maintaining your documentation in a structured and professional way. You can access your documentation via the internet and order documentation updates at any time.

Project and concept management

Our project managers can take overall responsibility for the documentation of a project. For instance, consider the documentation of a rolling-stock maintenance project. Our acts as a liaison between manufacturers, maintainers and authorities, taking account of each party’s needs and requirements.

Supplier documentation

We make sure that your suppliers’ documents are according to project requirements and scope. We verify that the submitted documentation fulfils set standards and that it is delivered according to purchase order. Further, we can train suppliers in new tools and educate and support them in fulfilling standards and regulations.

Our Documentation services enhance the value of a product and lists the ways a product is used. A product is designed with hard work, attention, and after several quality tests.

  • We take the time to understand your unique needs so that when our technical writers start developing your manual, they are efficient and effective at solving your specific documentation challenges.
  • Our technical writers have created various manuals and guides for most industries and ensure that each manual communicates at the level appropriate for its audience.
  • Teckwiz Centric’s technical translators work with the support of professional translation software.
  • Practicing the same steps in your documentation will be a value-addition to the overall product.