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Contract Management Services

To meet emerging requirements, companies need to establish an effective automated contract management framework based on the principles of transparency, clear governance, absolute accountability and continuous improvement.

TeckWiz’s contract management practice brings together a unique skill set of technology, contract review, risk assessment and industry knowledge to help you mitigate the contract management risks to realize maximum operational benefits. We can help you create an overall contract governance framework in your organization.


TeckWiz provides Secure storage system with the capacity to easily store all of your contracts (and ideally many more, so that the system is able to grow with your business). Cloud-based storage systems on secured servers are common.

Electronic Signature

We offer Electronic signature or similar tools to make the signing process quick and easy. Electronic signature features also improve transparency and visibility into the signing process so you know who signed the agreement when.

Automated reminders

Our team creates Automated reminders and report generation. Rather than tracking renewal dates and creating reports manually, users should be able to utilize automated alerts as reminders of approaching milestones.

Our contract automation practice can help you automate your end to end contract management process (including contract compliance management).

  • Our in-depth knowledge of sector, complexities, challenges and leading practices provides us the unique ability to service complex contract lifecycle management tool implementations and migration of legacy data.
  • We can support you in the entire contract management process which includes Pre-contract services like contract review, template review and update, negotiation and approval services, and Post contract services like management of various contractual obligations (tracking of SLAs, commercial terms, expiries, addendums etc.)